Producer Credits on Our Next Movie 

For $200, we will list you as an Associate Producer in the credits of our next movie (limit 10 people).

For $400, we will list you as an Executive Producer in the credits of our next movie (limit 5 people).

This is a way to support our homemade movies. 

You won't actually have any responsibilities as a producer. 

But it'll be cool to be able to brag to people that you are a movie producer, and you'll feel good about supporting us.

Contact Matt Farley if you're interested: / 603-644-0048

Live Performances / House Concerts 

Matt Farley is Available to Perform at Your Venue or House!


Do you want Matt Farley to perform at your venue or your house?

Call him or email him to let him know what you have in mind!

603-644-0048 /

Motern Media Cover Song Challenge! 

In late December, 2020, The Motern Media Infomercial Podcast will devote an episode to playing listeners' versions of Motern Media song. 

If you want to take part, please email up to 2 mp3s to  Each song needs to be less than 5 minutes long.

The Deadline is December 24, 2020.

Matt will choose one winner, who will receive 2 tickets to Motern Extravaganza!!

Motern Heartburn on VINYL!!! 


Motern Heartburn will never be available to stream or download online!

This is a great album from Matt Motern Manly Man, featuring 14 songs.

Only 300 copies exist!  As of October, 2020, there are fewer than 50 copies still available.

This album is really good!  You should buy it!


Track Listing:
1. They Thought I Was a Narc at the Hippie Attic
2. 40 Steps
3. Tours of Duty / Tours de Force
4. Head on Fire / A Little Spark
5. Meet Me at the Ha Ha Rocks
6. Pedi Talk Villains
7. Walkin' Back From Lincoln
1. I'm Gonna Write The Great American Novel In a Trailer Park in West Virginia
2. Aloha!
3. Dance Plan
4. Tomorrow You Love the Hunger
5. We're Not Makin' It
6. Night Life
7. Wish I Didn't Know Better