World Motern Day


Matt Farley has declared that his birthday (June 3) is a worldwide holiday called WORLD MOTERN DAY.

On that day, everyone in the world must listen to the OFFICIAL MOTERN MEDIA PLAYLIST on Spotify.

Matt earns about a dollar each time someone listens to the entire playlist.

This is a fun way for the world to unite, and for Matt to earn some money.  His goal is to become an instant millionaire!

The first two WORLD MOTERN DAYS were disappointing.  He only earned about $400 each time.  That's not enough to become an instant millionaire.  Let's do better next time, ok?

Also, you don't need to wait until WORLD MOTERN DAY to listen to this amazing playlist.  You should probably listen at least once every week.


If you don't use Spotify, you can also listen to the playlist on Youtube or Google Play Music or Apple Music:


Click here for OFFICIAL MOTERN MEDIA PLAYLIST on Google Play Music

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