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One guy has released over 20,000 songs!!!!!

His name is Matt Farley.  He uses 70+ aliases including Papa Razzi And The Photogs, The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man, The Toilet Bowl Cleaners, The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan, and The Singing Animal Lover.

He has a foolproof plan to make $1Million!!!!
He has declared that June 3rd is WORLD MOTERN DAY.  On WORLD MOTERN DAY, 1Million people will listen to the OFFICIAL MOTERN MEDIA PLAYLIST on Spotify.  It's an 8-hour playlist with over 250 of Matt's best songs.  Each time someone listens to the whole thing, Matt earns about $1.00.  There have been 5 World Motern Days so far.  Each failed to earn him more than a few hundred dollars.  
Matt Farley performs "Used to be a Pizza Hut" on THE TONIGHT SHOW:

The shocking conclusion of "Used to Be a Pizza Hut" is below:

A performance from the first annual WORLD MOTERN DAY EXTRAVAGANZA:

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