Motern Heartburn on VINYL!!!


Motern Heartburn will never be available to stream or download online!

This is a great album from Matt Motern Manly Man, featuring 14 songs (see track listing below).

$36 for this extremely rare album.  Only 300 copies exist!  ($50 outside the US)

This album is really good!  You should buy it!

Orders Outside the US are $50
Track Listing:
1. They Thought I Was a Narc at the Hippie Attic
2. 40 Steps
3. Tours of Duty / Tours de Force
4. Head on Fire / A Little Spark
5. Meet Me at the Ha Ha Rocks
6. Pedi Talk Villains
7. Walkin' Back From Lincoln
1. I'm Gonna Write The Great American Novel In a Trailer Park in West Virginia
2. Aloha!
3. Dance Plan
4. Tomorrow You Love the Hunger
5. We're Not Makin' It
6. Night Life
7. Wish I Didn't Know Better