Be the Star of Your Own Movie!

Do you want to be the star of your own movie?

But you don't know the first thing about making movies?

Matt Farley and Charlie Roxburgh will make that movie for you.

-This movie will be around 80 minutes long.

-It can be based on your original idea, or you can allow Farley and Roxburgh to write it.  *If it's based on your idea, it must be something that Farley and Roxburgh are able to film (for instance, they can't shoot a scene with 500 soldiers fighting in an epic battle).

-It will be of a quality similar to the movies they've made in the past.  Click here for examples.

-You can be the star if you want.  Your friends/family who want to be in the movie can be in it too!

-All your favorite actors from Farley/Roxburgh movies will fill up the rest of the cast.

-This is your chance to make that movie you've always wanted to make.

-You will be the producer of the movie, which means that you can screen it, stream it, sell DVDs, enter it in festivals, etc.  You keep all the money that you're able to earn with it.

Price: approximately $225,000 (depending upon how difficult it will be to write/film/edit)

Contact Matt Farley if you're interested: / 603-644-0048