Produce Our Next Movie!

Do you want to produce our next movie? 

Well, you can for just $350,000.   

You give us that much money.  Then we'll deliver our next movie to you.  

You can release it,  and possibly make back the money you invested…


Live Performances / House Concerts

Matt Farley is Available to Perform at Your Venue or House!


Do you want Matt Farley to perform at your venue or your house?

Call him or email him to let him know what you have in mind!

603-644-0048 /…


Motern Media Cover Song Challenge!

In late December, 2020, The Motern Media Infomercial Podcast will devote an episode to playing listeners' versions of Motern Media song. 

If you want to take part, please email up to 2 mp3s to  Each song needs to be…

Motern Heartburn on VINYL!!!

Motern Heartburn will never be available to stream or download online!

This is a great album from Matt Motern Manly Man, featuring 14 songs.

Only 300 copies exist!  As of October, 2020, there are fewer than 50 copies still available.