Custom Songs!

Matt Farley will record a song about almost any topic you want!

The lyrics will be based on information that you provide for Matt.  Please also specify if you'd like the song to be fast or slow, funny or serious, etc.  Check the videos below for examples of Matt's custom songs!

These songs make great, unique gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.  If you are having trouble coming up with a good gift, a Custom Song from Matt Farley is your answer!  And Matt is often able to get you a song very quickly!  Need a song by tomorrow?  He might be able to do it for you!  Need a song in a few hours?  He might be able to do that too!  Seriously!

Basic Song ($44): Most people get this option.  It features Matt on piano and vocals, singing an original song that is 1- to 2-minutes long.   (He can also do it on guitar if you prefer, just let him know.)

Deluxe Song ($140): Matt will do a fully produced song, featuring multiple instruments (usually including a beat, bass, keyboards), and backing vocals (if the song calls for it).  This original song will be over 2-minutes long.


Do you want the song to be available on Spotify/iTunes/etc? ($44 additional)  For an additional $44, Matt will get the song posted on every major online music site.  You can even provide him with a photo to use on the album cover.  The song can be attributed to any of Motern Media's "artist," or we can create a new artist name for the release.

***Please note: since these songs contain personal information, if anyone asks for a song to be taken off of these public forums, the song will be removed with no refund.  Please consider whether the subject of the song would like it to be public before using this part of the service. (For instance, if it's a song about a romantic relationship, and then there's a break-up a few years later, they might not want the song to be up there anymore.)***

***All royalties from the song will go to Motern Media.***

***If you want the song posted on online music sites, you can pay by purchasing an additional Basic Song***


***Note: These prices are for personal commissions only.  For commercial commissions, please contact Matt Farley at the link below to discuss the rate.***

Before paying, please contact Matt to make sure he'll be able to fulfill your request within your time frame.  The best way is to email him at, but you can also call or text him at 603-644-0048.


Please Choose Basic or Deluxe
Basic Songs: (Please note, custom songs do not come with videos--these videos were made by customers. But please let Matt know if you want a video. He can connect you with a great editor!)

Deluxe / Commercial Songs:

"What's Android M Gonna Be?" for Google!  This is a commercial song, but the sound is typical of a Deluxe Custom Song.


Morrie's "Buy Happy" Campaign!  This is also a commercial song with a sound similar to a Deluxe Custom Song.

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