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Motern Media: Quest For A Million!

A Message From Matt Farley

It's simple:

I earn about $0.005 each time someone plays one of my songs on Spotify.

OFFICIAL MOTERN MEDIA PLAYLIST has more than 200 of my best songs on it.

Each time someone listens to the whole thing, I get around $1.

I want 1,000,000 people to listen to it!

Each listener will be rewarded with the experience of hearing genius music.

I will be rewarded with $1,000,000.

You can find the playlist below.  Or by searching Spotify for "Official Motern Media Playlist".

If you listen to the entire playlist, please let me know so I can add your name to the list below!  If you listen multiple times, I will add your name multiple times.  Please be honest!


The Following is a list of people who claim to have listened to the entire playlist:

1.  Josh Childress

2.  Chris Toast

3.  Matt Farley

4.  Rob Love

5.  Melvin Demeyer

6.  Melvin Demeyer

7.  Wassmerica

8.  Wassmerica

9.  Wassmerica

10. Wassmerica

11. Wassmerica

12. Wassmerica

13. Wassmerica

14. Wassmerica

15. Wassmerica

16. Wassmerica

17. Wassmerica

18. Wassmerica

19. Wassmerica

20. Wassmerica

21. Wassmerica

22. Wassmerica

23. Wassmerica

24. Wassmerica

25. Wassmerica

26. Wassmerica

27. Brendan Norris

28. Peter Kuplowsky

29. Peter Kuplowsky 

30. Rob Love

31. Johnny Unicorn

32. Alex Musick

33. Richard Wollersheim

34. Richard Wollersheim

35. Richard Wollersheim

36. Richard Wollersheim

37. Rob Love

38. Adam Mitchell

39. Laylee

40. Snowy Cracker

41. Adam Mitchell

42. John Drindak

42. John Drindak

43. Owen Neil

44. Rob Love

45. John Drindak

46. Lani Gershik

47. Josh Childress

48. Josh Childress

49. Zach E Boy

50. Elise Thurtell

51. Elise Thurtell