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"Farley's most interesting experiences are fairly mundane, and that's his whole point. It's why Local Legends is so funny. Like David Letterman or Garrison Keillor, Farley has a talent for finding humor in the quirks and foibles of everyday life. His past film collaborations with Roxburgh -- from Freaky Farley to their most recent Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You! -- celebrate the gentle weirdness of small-town Americana, an aesthetic that Farley continues with Local Legends."

"Local Legends is a whole concept of its own which helps define indie, low-budget feature film, amateur acting and fun. I am pretty amazed by its extraordinary screenplay structure. You will certainly burst into laughter as you encounter Matt's entourage and get aboard his routine and adventures."

- The Squeerelist (Sep 15, 2013)

"If it's fun and games that's great.  But, are people taking this seriously aside from the fact he's getting paid for it?  This isn't serious music…If he wants to be a comedian, you know a Weird Al Yankovic kinda guy, I'm all for it.  But if he's gonna try to pose this as serious music, I don't know if people are gonna buy it."

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(Jan 28, 2014)

"And it was endless. I found a song about someone I once worked with (Buzzfeed executive editor Doree Shafrir) and a song titled 'Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy Loves Elizabeth Bennet.' The only song I could find with any sort of rage at anyone was one titled “Karl Marx Was A Communist Man,” which praised Ronald Reagan and calls Marx evil. (Other Farley bands were more political. The Extreme Left Wing Liberals have a song titled 'Legalize Cocaine.') Another one of his monikers, The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns, has a song titled 'Best Song About Philadelphia.' For songs that are essentially music spam, Matt Farley’s project is actually kind of endearing."

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