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"There’s no shortage of quality musical comedy out there, but there’s no one making silly songs quite like Matt Farley, a.k.a. The Toilet Bowl Cleaners. Farley’s written literally tens of thousands of novelty songs over the last eight years or so, putting them up on all the various musical streaming and download services. He publishes under a variety of assumed names, like The Hungry Food Band and The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man. But The Toilet Bowl Cleaners is easily my favorite, with a smiling, unflinching approach to bodily functions and the messes they make. A friend of mine played them for me on a road trip recently, and at first I was extremely put off. But my friend insisted we keep going, and after around 20 songs about farts, diarrhea, and pee, I was dying. The songs are alternately cheerful, angsty, triumphant, and sad, but all are sung with an unflinching earnestness that slowly makes them a true joy to listen to. You can tell Farley has a lot of fun making these songs, and that’s the real pleasure in listening to them. Not every album is great, but some are, especially Never Gonna Flush Again. Here, the artist takes a long look in the bathroom mirror, Windex in hand, and decides never to write poop songs again, no matter how much fans like me clamor for them."

"Matt Farley has produced more near-masterpiece music than most artists have produced music period. That is not even taking into consideration Moes Haven, his collaboration with fellow prolific songwriter Tom Scalzo, or the several feature-length films they have made with Charles Roxburgh."

"The results are something between a giant, online art installation and the first true example of search-engine-optimized music."

"Luckily, for me, I actually think this is a good film. It made me laugh, I enjoyed the music and I even enjoyed how insanely self-reverential it is."

Mark Bell - Film Threat (Sep 24, 2013)

"Even if I’m not in the mood to listen to something as silly as most of Farley’s music tends to be, I’m always pleasantly surprised to find some shining examples of excellent songwriting. A recent Very Nice Interesting Singer Man album called 'Keep Being Awesome!' has some of the catchiest hooks I’ve heard on a rock album in a long time. It feels very much grounded in his Moes Haven days, as well as other rock bands with a similar style of wit and whimsy, such as They Might Be Giants. 

The album also has some dark lyrical content that you wouldn’t expect from the guy who wrote 'Welcome to Fart Town.'"

"'Stay Gluten-Free! Gluten Will Kill You! Watch Out!' by The Hungry Food Band
An obvious homage to the disaffected punk stylings of the Dead Milkmen, the sub-ironic delivery pairs with the uplifting 80s-era keyboard riffs. This dire warning about gluten consumption will make you feel Up With People-level happy about it."

Alison Kuzmickas - NHPR (Feb 13, 2013)

"If you do take a few minutes to explore the absurd world of Morten Media, I suggest you check out the birthday songs, the songs where he reviews movies, the celebrity songs, and maybe even check out the poop songs. But also take a moment to listen to a bit of Moes Haven, because I have a sneaking suspicion that just as much as revenue is a motivation for Farley, an equal motivation might be an over-the-top Hail Mary attempt to get you to listen to the music he actually cares about, existing under an impressive mountain of fake-outs, hoping to be discovered and adored by music fans."

Ryan Walsh - BDCwire (Jan 22, 2014)

"He also took time to record a more serious solo album, under the name Matt Motern Manly Man. A departure from his usual attempts to write a song for every possible search term, it covered more autobiographical stories, such as the time someone drove a snow plough into his garage. Some of that solo material appears in the playlist, but plenty of his more traditional fare stands out too, such as the punky ‘School Psychologist’ and ‘I Have Paintings On My Walls!’, and the more downbeat ‘One Step At A Time’."

"The climactic scene, the comedy gig itself, is a scream. Turns out Matt Farley is a very funny guy, with plenty of jokes and more importantly great delivery and timing. He accompanies himself on keyboards, singing songs and making people laugh. It’s an excellent moment in a well-done, fascinating semiautobiographcial tale."

'Fellow independent filmmakers will recognize themselves here, but I can't help but envy Matt Farley's passion and love for what he does and everyone who is vaguely curious about his work. This is truly an important film about a struggling artist, and I would never have expected that from this guy."

- Film Bizarro (Dec 28, 2013)

"In other words, it illustrates how closely the principle of a free internet mirrors that of free speech and should therefore be given serious if not equal value: I do not want to listen to your song about earwax, but I will defend to the death your right to produce it in your basement and distribute it freely online for a return of approximately $2 per annum."

"He has shown he can branch out into introspective comedy, and he comes up with his best work- a charming effort that I was immediately taken with.  Local Legends is good stuff."

"It's pretty clear that, at least for Farley, his theory is disproved. If he's been writing songs non-stop for five years, then this is as good as he gets. It's time for him to let the last drops of his music career drip from between his buttocks and flow into the sewer where they belong."

"Moes Haven achieves that balance on 'I Am Leaving Town in 90 Days,' blending a David Byrne literalism into a melancholy love song. It’s both goofy and plaintive, as is the Billy Joel-esque 'Sometimes Stars Just Cross.' On 'Tin Roof Tap Dance,' an infectious hook and smart lyrics combine for a two-minute gem"

"Horror fans and film festivals don't quite know what to make of Motern Media's output. Motern markets its films as horror, but the stories and characters -- even the monsters -- are more charming than scary."

"More people need to know about Matt Farley. Why? Well. That’s hard to explain. And part of the reason his work is so great is that it defies easy explanation. Or is the appeal that it conforms to every explanation? I mean, Farley’s songs are good because they’re really clever and catchy. But he also has hundreds of songs where he’s just saying a word over and over again, or spelling a name, or singing about what he had for breakfast that morning."

"'Sing some karaoke because it’s your birthday! Let’s have a big dance party!' The piano is so beautiful and his voice is so earnest. I love how it’s not really supposed to be funny even though it also makes me quietly laugh."

"Moes Haven echoes the stripped down work of The Mountain Goats in voice, style and lyricism, and at times demonstrates the Goats’ comic cynicism. In another respect, the band sounds like a more authentic, low-budget version of Jack Johnson. Poppy yet soulful, the songs seem to counter the world’s crushing complexity with an insistence on lighthearted simplicity. Let Farley and Scalzo play music and nothing can get them down. "

Matt Kanner - The Wire (May 2, 2007)

"The album Songs About Singers is basically what the title says. The songs range from Ben Folds, You Use Too Many Bad Words in Your Songs, to the somewhat mocking lyrics of The Edge Is Annoyed With Bono, which finishes with the line 'the world needs more great rock music and less meetings between politicians and celebrities.' Take that as you will."

"It’s like the musical equivalent of those vanity keychains or license plates, one for every name, that you find at amusement park gift shops. That may sound like an insult, but when I mention it to Farley he’s delighted. You don’t become Spotify’s most successful musical spammer by being easily offended."

"In what seems to be an attempt to spam the entire music industry, a man named Matt Farley has recorded thousands of songs and set them out for sale online. The Passionate & Objective Jokerfan is one of his pseudonyms, and he has released ELEVEN albums under this name alone. Using the same, uh, 'musical style.'"

"DON’T LET THE RIVERBEAST GET YOU! is the type of self aware low budgeter I couldn’t help but love. The film’s budget was probably spent on constructing the cheap costume the Riverbeast wears which is basically a wetsuit, spikes glued to kitchen gloves, and a floppy ill-fitting monster mask, but what this film lacks in budget, it makes up in charm."

"The majority of the film's success rests on the shoulders of star, producer and co-writer Matt Farley, who has over reacting down to an art (love the eyebrow acting!). He seriously makes me want to see some of the other films he and director Charles Roxburgh have made together. These guys have talent, passion and a wicked sense of nutty humour that has become almost required to make decent indie movies these days."

"Local Legends takes a quasi-documentary approach. Shot in glorious black and white in and around Manchester, New Hampshire, local artist Matt Farley shows us more or less what his life is like. While a goodly amount is fictionalized there’s also a bit of truth going on here as well – it’s really up to you to determine which is which."

- Cinema365 (Sep 11, 2013)
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